About Sakthiyoga

"प्रज्ञानम ब्रह्म"

"Consciousness is divine" 
- Upanishads

Sakhiyoga is the path of natural yogic evolution. This is the classical system of yoga that accepts Sakthi (=the eternal cosmic power) as the driving force that leads one to from his personal being to his spiritual being. Saktheya philosophy of tantra that shows the feminine aspect of the cosmos and explains the power that dwells in the visible and invisible form of the universe. This energy is called Sakthi according to tantra. Sakthi means "the power or the energy within everything around us" and it is also the consciousness that is supposed to prevade along the universe. The awareness you need to develop in the path of  yoga comes from your consciousness, hence there is no yoga without consciouness. 

That is why I call it Sakthiyoga.