Business Yoga

Why is Business Yoga necessary?

  • around 13 mio. people are affected by a work-related burnout
  • every fifth employee is suffering from stress-related illnesses such as heart attack or insomnia
  • every third employee feels exhausted because of work on a constant basis
    Source: TK Gesundheitsreport & KKH-Allianz & WHO & Stressreport Deutschland 2012

Yoga has become a popular leisure activity, but not everybody has the time to practise Yoga at home or in a Yoga studio. Business Yoga is designed to eliminate stress immediately at the point of origin.

What are the benefits?
increases focus
- improves memory
- removes fatigue
- relieves physical strains (back, neck, joints)
- strengthens muscles
- increases vital capacity 
- facilitates general health

 Do you sometimes feel stressed while at work?
Yoga can help you de-stress if stress is part of your job . Employees that are relaxed and productive are important to any firm in this time of competition. Yoga exercises that you can do at your work can increase focus, remove fatigue and thereby help you reach your full potential - without being stressed.

How does Business Yoga work?
Business yoga sounds fancy, but it actually just means that you integrate yoga into your daily work schedule. For example by focusing on your breathing and the poses for not more than 5 minutes you can give your mind a rest from the potential stress that your job creates within you. You will be more mindful to what you are doing at that very minute and not worry about the meeting you have later that afternoon or any other work-related or social commitments.  

Are you a business owner or responsible for a number of employees? 
Since regular practice of Yoga in general can improve ones immune system and other postural disorders, it ensures a healthy and active workforce. A healthy, happy and for the most part, realxed, employee improves the quality of what he or she is working on, so in fact: the quality of your business
Providing Yoga classes to your employees allows them to meet and interact with co-workers and supervisors in a casual way that not only leads to a more efficient and sustainable manner of working but also
healthy working relationships. Having a common interest, such as Yoga, which is challenging while also being fun, can spark a friendship or increase respect.  

Business Yoga Program

1: Assessment

- studying the amount of physical and mental stress related to the work and the nature of work in total

- motion and posture study 

- recognizing the postual issues related to work and personal physical strains by communicating directly with the employees



2: Design of Yoga Program


- based on the evaluation different physical exercises will be used to relieve the postural issues 


- asanas (postures) in different variations according to the employees‘ capabilities will be practised 


- in general 5 major breathing techniques will improve one’s own vital capacity


- meditation techniques


3: Evaluation

- close observation and continous evaluation of employees to ensure progress (physical and mental health)